trainings offered

practical stress analysis of aircraft structures


practical fatigue and damage tolerance evaluation of aircraft structures


practical stress analysis of composite structures


Why Trainings

While there is no substitute for on-job training for obtaining the knowledge, skills and the competence required to perform any task and particularly for Structural Integrity Evaluation, a carefully designed training program can help enhance the learning process for individuals and hence reduce the overall costs to the organisations and improve productivity, especially when there is a recurring need due to various reasons.

Our Passion

We are passionate about simplifying. The challenge of preparing a training program for different audience by simplifying the complex problem of Structural Integrity is what inspires us. 

Your Requirements

We can customize the trainings to suit any design, production or maintenance organisation by using their choice of tools (Finite Element Analysis, Static and Fatigue & Damage Tolerance). These will be taking an example of their product and preparing/tailoring the course following the discussions and understanding customer requirements. The training program can then be continuously modified and offered repetitively as the new team members join in the company.